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High Resistance Plastic Packaging

Most products are packaged with a maximum temperature of 55-60 °C. Do you have products with a higher filling temperature? No problem. AGI Plastek also carries out the packaging of products above 70 °C. However, during packaging, the technology as well as the design and material of the PET bottle or container, needs to be taken into account. AGI Plastek provides several transparent hot-fill plastic materials. For example, High Crystallised PET, a variety of copolyesters, Polypropylene and PEN. Blends of a number of these materials can also be provided.

For temperatures above 70 °C in particular, AGI Plastek has a state-of-the-art ISBM machine that uses the hot-fill technology. We use this machine to produce heat-set PET bottles and containers. Several solutions are possible with this type of machine. The temperature of your filling product determines the thickness of the wall and mouth of the bottle or container. Should the product require even higher temperatures, for example above 85 °C, we recommend a special treatment for the mouth and to blow the container upon stretching. AGI Plastek performs this so-called crystallisation process using special ‘Double Blow’ ISBM machines.

Heat-resistant material
The air pressure in the cleanroom is higher than the ambient air pressure. This means that there is only a unidirectional, outgoing air flow, i.e. there is no incoming unmonitored air flow. The monitored incoming air flow is filtered with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. The filter removes more than 99% of particles larger than 0.3 µm. Aside from controlling the particles, we also perform temperature and humidity control to keep the production process as stable as possible.

Air Curtain
AGI Plastek is an expert in the field of hot fill technology. In addition, we ensure optimal coordination between technology and material for products with a higher filling temperature. Not only should the PET material be heat-resistant, it should also have the right properties. After chilling, there is often a negative pressure in the bottle. Packaging has to be designed in such a way that it can accommodate this. AGI Plastek will assist you in the design of the PET bottle or container, and will make sure that they have reinforcing ribs around the waist and on the bottom.

There is a lot involved in a creating hot fill packaging. AGI Plastek is an expert in this area. Together we will explore the options and select the best possible technologies and materials for your hot fill products. It may be, for example, that some materials have different transparency or barrier properties. Together with AGI Plastek, your packaging will be a hit

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